2023 Membership and Salmon School

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2023 LOTSA Salmon School Signups

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Jeff Jones

Daniel Kennedy

Thomas Tullar

Boat Name: FishBones

Dawn Stephenson

Dan Nowark

Boat Name: Fish Tank

John VanDaele

Travis Choromanskis

Boat Name: Ridin Dirty

John Suttell

Boat Name: Meggie 1

Lawrence Senf

Boat Name: Maggie1

Tom Bastow

Boat Name: Nature's Bounty

Lucas Yonker

Andrew Catchman

Pam Putprush

Boat Name: Pole Bender 2

Jack Roberts

Boat Name: Pole Bender 2

Maria Stancu

Boat Name: Pure Mayhem

Kristofer Renfer

Boat Name: Pure Mayem

Michael Dwileski


Chris Waite

Boat Name: Rods Up

Nate Stephenson

Boat Name: Triple-J

Christy Martin

Boat Name: Li'l Bit

Jason Knapp

Boat Name: Pull The Hook

Gregg Knapp

Boat Name: Pull The Hook

Larry Carnahan

Boat Name: Li'l Bit

Kenny Carnahan

Lorna Sirois

2022 LOTSA Members

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Shawn Daniels

Boat Name: Wood Butcher

Aaron Davis

Boat Name: Ada Danae

Lorin Delisle

Lorin Delisle

Lisa Delisle

mike Demars

Boat Name: lazycs

Chet Dennison

Boat Name: Riser

Joseph Derda

Boat Name: We Be Fishin

John Devereaux

Boat Name: Lazeycs

Brad Dilkes

Boat Name: My 3 Girls!

Pat DiNicola

Aron Dipietrantonio

Michael DiStefano

Edward Dlugozima

Boat Name: Mr Sparkles

Captain Robert Drury

Boat Name: Rogue Wave II

Jon Dubbelde

Boat Name: Double Whammy

Calvin Dufour

Boat Name: Copper/Steel

Jason Dufour

Boat Name: Copper Steel (One of the Tag Team Partners!)

Craig Dunn

Boat Name: Net Result

Matt Dunn

Boat Name: Streaker

marc dunn

Boat Name: Streaker

Nicole Durandetto

Boat Name: O-SEA-D

Tim Eick

John Ellis

Boat Name: Luck E Reel

Anthony Ellis

Boat Name: Redemption

The cost of a membership remain $10 and has not changed since the club was incorporated back in 1978! One of the best bangs for your buck out there.

LOTSA Membership registration or renewal is simple.  Fill out the form to the left and you will be taken to PayPal to submit payment.  After payment is submitted, you will be all set. Membership is for the full calendar year (January thru December).


The LOTSA Salmon School is held during the Greater Niagara Fishing & Outdoor Expo scheduled for February 16 – 19, 2023.  Book early as this event has limited seating and will sell out.

1-year LOTSA membership is included with your purchase of a ticket to the Salmon School event.