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*Must be entered in LOTSA Salmon Tournament to participate in 323 Tournament.

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323 Participants

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Team Name: Kelly's Kings

Kathy Baker

Team Name: Yuppy Guppy

gerald bielicki

Team Name: bad habit

Brian Cook

Team Name: Ridge Runner

William Crouse

Team Name: Reel Lucky

Calvin Dufour

Team Name: Copper/steel

Matt Dunn


Chris Gatehouse

Team Name: Amateur Hour

Laurie Goodwin

Team Name: Knot Rite

Brian Gregson

Team Name: Totally Hooked


Team Name: Keep Reelin


Team Name: Mutiny

Joseph Najuch

Team Name: Sea Raider

William OBaker

Team Name: Absconder

Arthur OMara

Team Name: Wildcat

Dan Owens

Team Name: Relentless

Marty Polovick

Team Name: 4 Poles

Alan Sauerland

Team Name: Instigator

Jeff Smith

Team Name: Playing Hookey

Joe Yaeger

Team Name: Salmonella

Tournament Winner Team Redemption

Tournament Format

3 fish weighed in over 2 days with 3 winners! Any fish weighed in on the 1st day cannot be replaced by a bigger fish on day 2.  Fish must be weighed in the day they are caught. Teams are NOT required to fish both days to fish this tournament. 1 of the fish weighed can be a trout of any species (brown, steelhead, laker…etc) and be a minimum of 25 inches.

Tournament Date

Friday July 14th & Saturday July 15th, 2023, with Sunday July 16th reserved as a rain day in case of inclement weather on Saturday. Registration: Required via LOTSA Website with Deadline of Tuesday July 11th.

Weigh In Location: Olcott Fire hall, 1691 Lockport-Olcott road, Burt NY 14028

***Alternative date and weigh in location will be the same as the LOTSA Salmon Tournament and become a single day event in case the Curt Tournament was postponed

Entry Fee

$50 per boat. Entries capped at 60 boats.

Payout & Prizes

100% payout to the top 3 spots. 
1st – 50%, 2nd – 30% and 3rd – 20%

Based on the final number of entries, payouts will be adjusted accordingly.

Past Tournament Winners

2022 Tournament Results
1st Place – Team Redemption 71.14 lbs
2nd Place – Happy Daze 59.74 lbs
3rd Place – Adventure 58.27 lbs

2021 Tournament Results
1st Place – MEAN MACHINE. 61.53 lbs
2nd Place – STREAKER. 57.58 lbs
3rd Place – Keepreelin. 56.29 lbs

2020 Tournament Results
1st Place – Copper Steel, 46.13 lbs
2nd Place – Pain Killer, 46.07 lbs
3rd Place –  Diversion, 43.84 lbs

2019 Tournament Results
1st Place – 4 Poles, 70.12 lbs
2nd Place – Mean Machine, 70.11 lbs
3rd Place –  Salmonella, 68.25 lbs

2018 Tournament Results
1st Place – Reel Therapy, 68.83 lbs
2nd Place – Plaing Hookey, 65.67 lbs
3rd Place –  4-Poles, 62.19 lbs

2017 Tournament Results
1st Place – Salmonella, 72.46 lbs
2nd Place – Streaker, 70.99 lbs
3rd Place –  4-Poles, 65.11 lbs

2016 Tournament Results
1st Place – Fisherman’s Daughter, 65.56 lbs
2nd Place – Mean Machine, 63.99 lbs
3rd Place – Playing Hookey, 62.28 lbs