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*Must be entered in LOTSA Salmon Tournament to participate in 323 Tournament.

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323 Participants

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 First Last Team Name
AlbertBodolusbig fatty
DustinPetersonHooked Up
JohnHansHappy Daze
JasonMonkelbaanReel Monkey
VictorRowcliffeThe Nina
JohnVan hoffTerminator
NateStephensonTriple J
TomYargerThor's hammer
BryanLukehartJust One More
AdamGierachDiversion II
GreggWiacikFishermans Daughter
ThomasPearseSummer School
RayMahtookReel Lucky
JeffSmithPlaying Hookey
MartyPolovick4 Poles
AnthonyEllisLuck E Spoon
SteveOlaycopper/ steel
 First Last Team Name

Tournament Format

LOTSA Members Only.  3 fish weighed in over 2 days with 3 winners! Any fish weighed in on the 1st day cannot be replaced by a bigger fish on day 2.  2 fish for the box MUST be King Salmon must be at least 30 inches long.  1 fish out of your 3 can be a trout that is at least 25 inches long.  Fish must be weighed in the day they are caught and teams are not required to fish both days.

Tournament Date

July 19 – 20, 2019

Entry Fee

$50 per boat

Payout & Prizes

100% payout to the top 3 spots. 
1st – 50%, 2nd – 30% and 3rd – 20%

Past Tournament Winners

2018 Tournament Results  1st Place – Reel Therapy, 68.83 lbs
2nd Place – Plaing Hookey, 65.67 lbs
3rd Place –  4-Poles, 62.19 lbs

2017 Tournament Results  1st Place – Salmonella, 72.46 lbs
2nd Place – Streaker, 70.99 lbs
3rd Place –  4-Poles, 65.11 lbs

2016 Tournament Results  1st Place – Fisherman’s Daughter, 65.56 lbs
2nd Place – Mean Machine, 63.99 lbs
3rd Place – Playing Hookey, 62.28 lbs