2022 LOTSA FAMILY Membership List

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Jim Gallagher

Jim jr Gallagher

Jim Gallagher

Sadie Gallagher

Jim Gallagher

Susan Gallagher

Dustin Peterson

Raylee Peterson

Dustin Peterson

Tonya Peterson

Scott Alex

Carol Alex


Jerome LEVAN

Wade Winch

Lisa Winch

Andy Glenn

Jake Glenn

Mike Mongan

Wesley Mongan

Dan Nowark

Dawn Nowark

Earl Vining

Melissa Vining

Jesse Snyder

Henry Snyder

Jesse Snyder

Lauren Snyder

Arthur OMara jr

Pamela Quill

mike mongan

wesley mongan

mike mongan

wesley mongan

Dan Nowark

Dawn Stephenson

Rex Maul

Sarah Maul

Alan Goodwin

Jacob Malone

Alan Goodwin

Arianna Goodwin

David Peterson

Michelle Peterson

marc dunn

Mary Dunn

Daniel Rowcliffe

Patricia Bolling

Victor Rowcliffe

Callan Rowcliffe

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