Curt C. Meddaugh Memorial Tournament

COVID -19 Impacts

In order to stay safe during this Covid-19 situation we are asking everyone to comply with the current guidelines for safety in place within NYS when this event is run. We have also made the decision in the interest of safety for everyone to not hold a picnic and raffle after the weigh in for our main event on Saturday and to eliminate the cookout after our “Curt” weigh in on Friday.

Our goal is to make this event as safe and simple as possible in order for all LOTSA members to feel comfortable to fish it while keeping it a fun and competitive event.

With this in mind the largest issue we have to manage each day is the weigh in process. The more we can limit the number of people at the weigh in, the safer and simpler it will be for everyone. To do this, each boat will need to know where their largest King stands compared to what others have caught in order to make a decision to weigh it in or not. We will utilize our group text message process set up for all boats registered for the event (the same one we use to make go / no go and other weather related decisions) to provide this information. We are asking that each boat monitor the group text messages during the day and if you catch a possible contending Salmon, that you text to this group your boat name – length – weight on your scale. This information will then be available to each boat fishing the event so that they can make their decision whether to bring their fish in to weigh in or not. We will also use this list to help prepare for the boats that will be weighing in. This texting process is on the “Honor System” so please remember this is a run as a “Fun” Tournament so we ask you all to respect your fellow LOTSA members and text your contending fish in as soon as possible after it is caught. This will also allow for as few Salmon to be killed as possible which is good for the overall fishery. Our plan is to film the weigh in each day using Facebook live on our LOTSA Facebook page so that it can be seen by all without having to attend the actual weigh in.

Curt Meddaugh Tournament

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Current Participants

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FirstLastTeam Name
AlBodolusBig Fatty's
BrianGregsonTotally Hooked
DaveSwoopeDHP Dynamite
KevinVanZandtReel Addiction
TomKilmerJust One More
ChrisPetrucciSlippery Frog
NateStephensonTriple J
ThomasPearseSummer School
GreggWiacikFishermans Daughter
WilliamCrouseReel lucky
GaryHouseRed Dawn
AdamGierachDiversion II
RayMahtookReel Lucky
DanOwensPain Killer
LaurieGoodwinKnot Rite
MartyPolovick4 Poles
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Curt C. Meddaugh

The Curt Meddaugh Memorial Tournament honors long time LOTSA member Curt Meddaugh who passed away suddenly in 2010. Curt was the LOTSA member responsible for starting up the LOTSA Pen Project at the Newfane Marina. He was a tireless worker for LOTSA along with the Lake Ontario Fishery and was always looking for opportunities to get Kids involved with Fishing. We are proud to honor him with this Tournament and look forward to catching Kings and Steelhead, which were raised in “Curt’s Pens” at Olcott each year. 

Tournament Format

Free tournament for LOTSA Members only. 1 Fish tournament – King Salmon Only!

Tournament Date

Friday, July 17, 2020

Entry Fee

FREE for LOTSA members only.

Payout & Prizes

Top 3 places paid out compliments of LOTSA.  1st – $300,  2nd – $200, 3rd – $100

Past Tournament Winners

2019 Tournament Results
1st Place – Hooked up, 67.55 lbs
2nd Place – 4 Poles, 62.72 lbs
3rd Place – The Nina, 61.11 lbs
4th Place – Instigator, 58.44 lbs

2018 Tournament Results
1st Place – Playing Hookey, 65.67 lbs
2nd Place – Sportcraft 232, 63.90 lbs
3rd Place – 4-Poles, 62.19 lbs
4th Place – Kellys Kings, 59.70 lbs

2017 Tournament Results
1st Place – Streaker, 66.48 lbs
2nd Place – 4 Poles, 64.08 lbs
3rd Place – Terminator, 62.83 lbs

2016 Tournament Results
1st Place – Nina, 65.12 lbs
2nd Place – Reel Lucky, 60.72 lbs
3rd Place – Fish Tank, 60.23 lbs