2023 Membership and Salmon School

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2023 LOTSA Salmon School Signups

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Darren Mueller

Bill Thorpe

Boat Name: Hafayat

David Cole

Boat Name: Co-signer

Paul Triponey

Boat Name: SeaSprite

Cameron Simpson

Boat Name: Big Red

John Mango

Boat Name: Tail Spin

Alan Sauerland

Boat Name: Instigator

John Dombrowski

Boat Name: Duzy Karp

Brad Farnand




Boat Name: Bayle Out Sportfishing

Brian Cook

Boat Name: Ridge Runner

Dave Favretto

Boat Name: Kingfisher

Michael Lewis

Boat Name: Double Treble

Roger Hollis

Boat Name: Jolly Roger

Dave Moore

Jenny Karchner

Boat Name: Finatic

Jeff Karchner

Boat Name: Finatic

Edward Urcho

Boat Name: Bite Me

Dale Silbaugh

Boat Name: Bite me

John Ellis

Boat Name: Redemption

Anthony Ellis

Boat Name: Redemption

Mike Herkalo

Boat Name: Sweet jane

Robert Herkalo

Boat Name: Sweet Jane

John Fahey

2022 LOTSA Members

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Richard Catanzaro

Boat Name: keepreelin


Boat Name: Outfitter

Thomas Cizdziel

Boat Name: Little Cheese

Robert Collins

Richard Conley

Boat Name: Rogue Wave ll

Alex Conway

Boat Name: Tough Duty II

Kevin Conway

Boat Name: Tough Duty II

brian Cook

Doug Covin

Boat Name: Think Tank

Michael Croft

Boat Name: Ambergris

James Croft

Boat Name: Ambergris

Lisa Crouse

Boat Name: Reel Lucky

William Crouse III

Boat Name: Reel Lucky

William Crouse jr

Boat Name: Reel lucky

Stephen Cuddeback

Wayne Culverwell

Cynthia Culverwell

Boat Name: All In

Jeffrey Cummings

Hunter Cummings

Dan D'Amico

Boat Name: Meatball

Evan Dalessio

Boat Name: Hotline89 II

Don Damrath

John Dancy

Boat Name: Irish1-3

Patrick Danielewicz

Hunter Daniels

Boat Name: Wood Butcher

The cost of a membership remain $10 and has not changed since the club was incorporated back in 1978! One of the best bangs for your buck out there.

LOTSA Membership registration or renewal is simple.  Fill out the form to the left and you will be taken to PayPal to submit payment.  After payment is submitted, you will be all set. Membership is for the full calendar year (January thru December).


The LOTSA Salmon School is held during the Greater Niagara Fishing & Outdoor Expo scheduled for February 16 – 19, 2023.  Book early as this event has limited seating and will sell out.

1-year LOTSA membership is included with your purchase of a ticket to the Salmon School event.