2023 Membership and Salmon School

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2023 LOTSA Salmon School Signups

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Patrick Moss

James Angus

Andreas Menes

Boat Name: Low Expectations

paul yastab

Boat Name: collin off

Tom Hineman

David Storms

Andrew Lacy

Boat Name: JACS

Jeremiah Winnie

Boat Name: Hookin Hawgs

Andrew Clark

Boat Name: Rigger Mortis

Darren Baiton

Boat Name: King Cooper

Eric Mertz

Boat Name: Chaos

Victor Rowcliffe

Boat Name: The Nina

Gratson Quinter

Boat Name: Aftica II

Collin Quinter

Boat Name: Aftica II

Todd OBrien

Boat Name: Interceptor

Mark Jenks

Todd Horner

Boat Name: The HDB Brush With Danger

Jarod Lyons

Boat Name: Blue Doggie

Earl Pursell

Boat Name: Interceptor

Michael Lavenia

Jed Smith

Robert Vazquez

Boat Name: Reel Chaos

Jonathan Policare

Boat Name: Trophy Time

Bev James

Boat Name: Playing Hookey 2

Jeff Smith

Boat Name: Playing Hookey 2

2022 LOTSA Members

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rick Blankenship

Albert Bodolus

Boat Name: Big Fatty

Jeff Bognar

Boat Name: Mid River

Greg Borgosz

Donnie Bowers

Boat Name: ATM

Michael Brambley

Boat Name: Two Tails

Dana Brambley

Boat Name: Two Tails

Jenny Brewster

Timothy Bromund

Boat Name: Fishstyx Ii

Tony Brovata

Boat Name: O-SEA-D

Tyler Brovata

Boat Name: O-SEA-D

Edward Brown

Boat Name: Sandy K

Sandra Brown

Boat Name: Sandy K

Janie Brown

Douglas Bulman

Boat Name: Tough Duty 2

James Burns

Boat Name: Wildcat

Bill Burns

Kevin Burritt

Boat Name: knot good

Frank Campbell

Michael Carella

Boat Name: Amateur Hour

James Carney

Todd Carter

David Carter

Daniel Caster

Boat Name: UpGrady

Matc Caster

Boat Name: UpGrady

The cost of a membership remain $10 and has not changed since the club was incorporated back in 1978! One of the best bangs for your buck out there.

LOTSA Membership registration or renewal is simple.  Fill out the form to the left and you will be taken to PayPal to submit payment.  After payment is submitted, you will be all set. Membership is for the full calendar year (January thru December).


The LOTSA Salmon School is held during the Greater Niagara Fishing & Outdoor Expo scheduled for February 16 – 19, 2023.  Book early as this event has limited seating and will sell out.

1-year LOTSA membership is included with your purchase of a ticket to the Salmon School event.