Curt C. Meddaugh Memorial Tournament

Curt Meddaugh Rules

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Please make sure your spouse and kids are signed up under the family membership. EVERYONE fishing the tournaments need to be LOTSA members.

Curt Meddaugh Tournament

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John Van hoff

Team Name: Terminator

Jim Gallagher

Team Name: Crazy otter

William OBaker


Jeff Smith

Team Name: Playing Hookey

Gary House

Team Name: Red Dawn

Jim Gallagher

Team Name: Crazy otter

Robert Schneider

Team Name: Royal Flush

gerald bielicki

Team Name: bad habit

Gregg Wiacek

Team Name: Fisherman's daughter

Adam Gierach

Team Name: Diversion

Andy Glenn

Team Name: Wetdreams

Kathy Baker

Team Name: Yuppy Guppy

marlowe Beis

Team Name: Leviathan

Chris Bak

Team Name: Kellys Kings

Bryan Lukehart

Team Name: Just One More

Alan Sauerland

Team Name: Instigator

Rodney Pettit

Team Name: Fishmaster21

Arthur OMara

Team Name: Wildcat

Jason Monkelbaan

Team Name: Mutiny


Team Name: Mean Machine

Roy Leising

Team Name: Sportcraft 232

Marty Polovick

Team Name: 4 Poles

Matt Dunn


David Swoope

Team Name: Supernatural

Tournament Winner Team MEAN MACHINE

Curt C. Meddaugh

The Curt Meddaugh Memorial Tournament honors long time LOTSA member Curt Meddaugh who passed away suddenly in 2010. Curt was the LOTSA member responsible for starting up the LOTSA Pen Project at the Newfane Marina. He was a tireless worker for LOTSA along with the Lake Ontario Fishery and was always looking for opportunities to get Kids involved with Fishing. We are proud to honor him with this Tournament and look forward to catching Kings and Steelhead, which were raised in “Curt’s Pens” at Olcott each year. 

Tournament Format

Free tournament for LOTSA Members only. 3 Fish tournament – Salmon Only! NEW- BIG FISH FRIDAY! $150 payout to largest salmon weighed in!! Largest (by Weight) Salmon caught by a boat not in the top 3 teams above will win $150.

Tournament Date

Friday, July 15, 2022
Weigh In Location: Town of Newfane Marina Pavilion.

***Alternative date and weigh in location in case this Tournament is postponed will be the same as the LOTSA Salmon Tournament

Registration: Required via LOTSA Website with Deadline of Tuesday 7/12

Entry Fee

FREE for LOTSA members only. Entries capped at 60 boats.

Payout & Prizes

Top 3 places paid out compliments of LOTSA.  1st – $300,  2nd – $200, 3rd – $100. $150 Big Fish.

Largest (by Weight) Salmon caught by a boat not in the top 3 teams above will win $150.

Past Tournament Winners

2021 Tournament Results
1st Place – MEAN MACHINE. 61.53 lbs
2nd Place – Happy Daze. 46.26 lbs
3rd Place – Reel Lucky. 39.17 l

2020 Tournament Results
1st Place – Totally Hooked, 25.46 lbs
2nd Place – Redemption, 24.85 lbs
3rd Place – Pain Killer, 24.84 lbs

2019 Tournament Results
1st Place – Hooked up, 67.55 lbs
2nd Place – 4 Poles, 62.72 lbs
3rd Place – The Nina, 61.11 lbs

2018 Tournament Results
1st Place – Playing Hookey, 65.67 lbs
2nd Place – Sportcraft 232, 63.90 lbs 3rd Place – 4-Poles, 62.19 lbs

2017 Tournament Results
1st Place – Streaker, 66.48 lbs
2nd Place – 4 Poles, 64.08 lbs
3rd Place – Terminator, 62.83 lbs

2016 Tournament Results
1st Place – Nina, 65.12 lbs
2nd Place – Reel Lucky, 60.72 lbs
3rd Place – Fish Tank, 60.23 lbs