Dates:  Saturday July 15th with Sunday the 16th the date if Saturday is postponed.

Registration Fee is $70.00 per Boat to Enter with Deadline of Tuesday 7/11 *

Please fill out the form below.  When you click the “Submit Form” button you will automatically be taken to the Paypal Page where you can pay your Tournament Entry fee using our Secure Paypal Payment Service.

*Please remember to sign up for the LOTSA Picnic if you will be joining us for a meal. You will receive tickets for the number of meals you ask for. These tickets are the only way you will receive a meal.

Tournament Rules

Click here to download the tournament rules PDF
Please make sure your spouse and kids are signed up under the family membership. EVERYONE fishing the tournaments need to be LOTSA members.

Tournament Registration

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 If you plan on attending the picnic and if you want a meal(s), you need to signup up for the picnic thru the “signup for the Picnic” form > CLICK HERE TO COMPLETE PICNIC REGISTRATION.

Tournament Participants

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2023 LOTSA Tournament Winner Team – Sweet Jane

Tournament Format

LOTSA Members Only. Heaviest Salmon wins.

Tournament Date

Saturday July 15, 2023
Weigh In Location: Olcott Fire hall, 1691 Lockport-Olcott road, Burt NY 14028

Alternative date July 16, 2023
Weigh in location: Town of Newfane Marina Pavilion in case the 7/15/2023 Tournament was postponed

Entry Fee

$70 per boat – this covers your entry fee and the picnic. Entries capped at 60 boats.

Payout & Prizes

Based on 45 boats we’ll pay 7 places. The top prize will be $800 down to $50. The number of payouts and amounts will be adjusted based on boat entries.

Past Tournament Winners

2023 Tournament Results
1st Place – Sweet Jane 25.82 lbs
2nd Place – Royal Flush 23.95 lbs
3rd Place – D-Day 23.82 lbs
4th Place – Kelly’s Kings 22.43 lbs

2022 Tournament Results
1st Place – Team Got My MoJo 24.03 lbs
2nd Place – Yuppy Guppy 23.71 lbs
3rd Place – Playing Hookey 21.98 lbs
4th Place – Redemption 21.26 lbs

2021 Tournament Results
1st Place – STREAKER. 25.75 lbs
2nd Place – Gypsy. 23.96 lbs
3rd Place – Pole-Lock. 23.18 lbs
4th Place – Triple J. 23.10 lbs

2020 Tournament Results
1st Place – Totally Hooked, 25.46 lbs
2nd Place – Redemption, 24.85 lbs
3rd Place – Pain Killer, 24.84 lbs
4th Place – Salmonella, 23.70 lbs

2019 Tournament Results
1st Place – Salmonella, 27.41 lbs
2nd Place – Streaker, 25.94lbs
3rd Place – Mean Machine, 25.73 lbs
4th Place – Kelly’s Kings, 24.41 lbs

2018 Tournament Results
1st Place – Reel Therapy, 26.07 lbs
2nd Place – Black Jaw, 24.87lbs
3rd Place – Luck E Span, 23.16 lbs
4th Place – Mirage, 22.80 lbs

2017 Tournament Results
1st Place – Diversion II, 26.04 lbs
2nd Place – Reel Nauti, 24.49 lbs
3rd Place – Team Leviathan, 24.43 lbs

2016 Tournament Results
1st Place – Fisherman’s Daughter, 26.99 lbs
2nd Place – Playing Hookey, 22.45 lbs
3rd Place – Summer School, 21.15 lbs
4th Place – Mean Machine, 20.89 lbs
5th Place – Fish Tank, 19.93 lbs
6th Place – Knot Rite – 18.79 lbs